Responses to Rasa in the Round and Transcendent arts of Tibet and India

"The gathered crowd huddled on the stairs in rapt attention. Srinivasan had succeeded in transforming the mundane into the sublime." Karen Greenspan, Ballet Review, Fall 2016

"Her mastery of dance and story showed in her integrity of line, her firmly grounded plasticity allowing her to maintain control even when stretched, lunged or twisted out from her axis, shaping refined gestures and minute flutters of her fingers. Always, she displayed follow-through from head to toe, crackling with energy. Her dancing breathed as one with the singers' vocal lines." Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody, 4/16/16

"Superb performance by Malini and her magnificent musicians. The audience members.... were enthralled. One of the finest performances of classical Indian dance and music that I have attended, ever, by anyone." Jonathan Hollander, 4/15/16

"Wherever you were, one or more dancers was near enough that you could savor details: the rhythmic drop of a heel, the shuttling of an eye. Packed together or across distances, the women maintained concentration and a sisterly rapport that helped to isolate them from the bustle of a mall at the end of the work day." Brian Seibert, NYTimes, 4/13/16


Reviews for Pannagendra Sayana at Soaking Wet

"As a performer, she instills the work with a potency, filling the knowing smile and averted to focused gaze with a modern sensibility. Srinivasan dances for a lover, not her lord and in doing so levels the playing field in a subtle portrayal of female agency." Maura Donohue, Culturebot, 10/8/14

"Srinivasan’s fluid gestures and facial expressions convey her feelings and the images in the text, while her passages of rhythmically intricate stamping create another, more abstract form of expressiveness." Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat, 10/6/14

"Malini proved a most evocative interpreter; varying the dynamic of her footwork and with gestures flowing from reverential to beckoning, she seemed by turns virginal, coy, and sensuous." Oberon's Grove, 10/6/14

Reviews for Tejas Luminous at NYCFringe 2014

"The solo is gripping in its toggling between dread and desire. Ms. Srinivasan’s sweet face is incredibly expressive. She inhabits her character with such absolute focus as to compel empathy; her experience becomes the viewer’s." Brian Seibert, NY Times, 8/10/14

"Nevertheless, it was the expression of their faces, particularly Srinivasan, which kept me entranced and invested in the various stories told by each of the dancers. This particular nuance proved powerful, unexpected, and a testament to the transformational artistry of the performers." Zahra Sadjadi, 8/21/14

"A stunning dancer, her fluid, beautifully expressive face clearly telegraphs a character’s feelings or intent while her body easily shifts through complicated rhythms and balances." Celia Ipiotis, Eye on Dance, 8/26/14

"Delightful, passionate, controlled and filled with mysterious symbolism. The faces of the dancers express concise, rich and varied emotions, adding clarity and depth to the intricate movements." KC Weakley,, 8/20/14

Reviews for Being Becoming:

"As a devotee of Vishnu, Ms. Srinivasan makes her desire palpable, quaking. Storms of expectation, disappointment and fantasy pass over her." Brian Seibert, NY Times, 8/13/12

"All three dancers were superbly skilled, dancing with the whole body or just a flick of the eyes. Kadhambari had the slightest quirk of a smile that fascinated me. Malini’s eyes were full of passion and Umesh had a smile that filled the whole room with joy." Heather Olmstead,, 8/11/14

"Tight pacing, solid performing and a balance between dance and storytelling make for a good show" Leigh Witchell, NY Post, 8/14/12

"Malini Srinivasan accompanied by Kadhambari Sridhar and Umesh Venkatesan will transport you not only to the Indian subcontinent, but also back in time to the second century, B.C. with their mesmerizing Bharathanatyam performance" Lina Zeldovich, The Happiest Medium, 8/24/12

Reviews for solo performances:

“Srinivasan’s performance displayed a rigorous commitment to refining her practice, showing the difference between executing, or even mastering, steps and articulating every part of the body like a flame.” Maura Donohue, Culturebot, 6/17/10

“Her strength lies in the maturity and dignity that she lends to her Bharatanatyam style. Grace pervades her movements.” Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu, 1/22/10

“Malini Srinivasan’s commitment and sincerity were evident as was the conviction of purity in her art. A performance that hailed tradition. A breath of fresh air!” Saraswathy Vasudhevan, The Hindu, 1/16/09

“The audience was stunned by Srinivasan’s performance, which displayed flawless nritta and a subtle, detailed approach to abhinaya.” Smitha Radhakrishnan,, 4/30/08

“She chose to explore this piece through Bharata Natyam as a way of understanding more about Islam, especially its gendered aspects, and as a way to open dialogue through demonstrating not only the similarities in the expression of lover-beloved relationships on the devotional and cultural levels, but also learning from the differences.” Dr. Katherine C. Zubco, PhD Dissertation, Emory University, 2008

“The dancer proved how exciting good, clean nritta could be.” Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu, 2/29/08

“Malini Srinivasan's entire margam at the Besant Nagar Pillayar Kovil was neat, nicely done at a leisurely pace. She's a promising dancer. I don't know why everyone wants to cover the stage, cover the audience first!” V.V. Ramani,, 2/25/07

“Malini danced in a manner that left an indelible imprint in the viewers' minds transporting every one in to a world of timelessness.” V.V. Ramani, The Hindu, 2/12/07

“The leaps and twirls packed in every sequence were performed with effortless ease and were received with rounds of spontaneous applause.” Sujatha Vijayaraghavan, The Hindu, 1/28/05

“The bhava exhibited was a feast for the eyes” NV, The Indian Express, 1/16/05

“The thundering ovation after each piece was a spontaneous reaction by the appreciative audience who were mesmerized by the spiritually elevating experience.” Sujatha Vijayaraghavan, Sruti, Feb. 2004, issue 233

“Outage fails to darken dream: candles illuminate Indian dancer’s performance at Temple.” Hamil R. Harris, The Washington Post, 8/28/04

“Malini Srinivasan, originally from Maryland, practices, promotes and teaches the dance-art of Bharatanatyam” Long Island Traditions